Casting Project

  • Q Do I need an agent or manager to be considered for the program?

    A No, it is not required that you have representation to apply or participate in the showcase.

  • Q If accepted into the program, am I guaranteed a role in a television series?

    A No.

  • Q How do I submit my application for consideration?

    A Headshots and résumés are only accepted during the designated submission period. When available, submission dates will be posted ABC Casting's Facebook page.

  • Q Do I need television credits on my résumé to apply?

    A No. However, all actors should have some training or experience in television, film or theater.

  • Q How long is the selection process? When will I be notified about acceptance?

    A The entire process from submission period to the actual showcase is over a six-month span. The submission period is generally in late Spring/early Summer with the showcase(s) happening between September and December.Those selected to be a part of the audition process are notified in the summer.

  • Q If I am accepted into the program, but do not live in New York or Los Angeles, do you pay for my traveling expenses?

    A No, at this time we do not pay for travel, housing or relocation expenses.